Aug 24, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Replacement referees Bob Lawing (left) and Boris Cheek (41) have a laugh in the third quarter during a preseason game with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Boom's Take: It's Time For Fans To Go On Strike

At this point, I could go for a good ‘ol Ed Hochuli botched call. At least it would be an honest mistake.

After Monday nights perversion of officiating, it is time for fans of the game to make a statement. As much as it would pain me to not tune in to The NY Giants and Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys vs The Chicago Bears, maybe it is time to send a message to Rodger Goodell and The NFL.

BRING BACK THE REAL REF’S OR WE WILL NOT WATCH! I know this won’t happen, but it’s still worth visiting. Why should we as football fans continue to support a game that is not the quality that should be expected from the premier sport in this country. Twenty-four penalties in the Sunday Night contest between Baltimore and New England. And then the nuclear implosion that was Monday Night Football. As my collegues at Reign Of Troy put it, “Russell Wilson became the first QB in history to throw a game-winning interception.”

The Green Bay Packers are now 1-2, and in a league where every win is tough to come by, you have to ask yourself how costly a this phantom loss might be for them. The NFL has no choice but to meet the demands of the currently locked out NFL officials. If they don’t, this season will have no credibility. None.

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