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I have decided that since the emails and social media messages have increased to the point that a weekly feature is now necessary. Monday Mail will highlight some of the questions asked via email, facebook, and twitter.

Today we will highlight the world of the NCAA, Major League Baseball, and The NBA.

James in Ann Arbor writes:

Do you really believe that Notre Dame has a shot at The BCS Championship Game? Seriously, those guys are over hyped and overrated.

Yes, James, I do believe they have an opportunity to go all the way. That defense has shut down every offense they have faced. Not only that, they showed the ability to score points last Saturday against Oklahoma. Their strength of schedule is tougher than Oregon and K State. If they can win out, including a showdown with USC, show me a team with a better resume than Notre Dame. Over hyped? Overrated? No, not even close. Notre Dame is for real.

Ann in Lincoln writes:

Nebraska just took control of the Legends Division in The B1G, will the Huskers be smelling roses this season?

This is a tough one to answer. It seems like The B1G is a race that anyone can win. Ohio State is by far the best team in the conference, but they are ineligible for the conference championship game or any other post season play. Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Northwestern  are all in the hunt. If Nebraska loses one of it’s final four games, Michigan is right back in it. If the Huskers can win out the regular season, then yes, I believe they will win the conference title game.

Phil in Chicago writes:

Robin Ventura did a great job with my ChiSox this year. Shouldn’t he get consideration for Manager of the Year?

Ventura did much better than I expected this season in Chicago. The White Sox battled to the end with Detroit, and I expected The Tigers to run away with that division. Robin is a good manager, and he will continue to get better with every season he gets under his belt. He should get an honorable mention, but I don’t see how Buck Showalter doesn’t run away with MOY honors. His squad almost ran down the Yankees in the A.L. East, and were competitive in the post season.

Marc in San Antonio writes:

We all know you think the SEC is the best conference in college football. How about some Big XII love for the second best?

I look at it like this. There is the SEC, and then there is everyone else. Just take a look at my top 25. When it comes to the second best conference in college footall, it’s a push between The Big XII and PAC 12. Both can put up points like crazy, but have a problem stopping others from scoring.

Alex in Oklahoma City writes:

What do you think of the Thunder and Rockets trade?

Long term, I get where OKC was coming from. Short term, I think the Thunder may have cost themselves a shot at the NBA Championship this year. James Harden could start for most NBA teams, the Thunder had the luxury of using him off of the bench. With the success they have had over the past few seasons, I cannot understand why you would not take one more shot with the lineup they had. Now I look at OKC as the third best team in the Western Conference, behind the Lakers and Clippers.

Jerome in LA writes:

USC already has two loses, will Barkley have a shot at the Heisman?

This is the easiest answer of the week. NO! If the Trojans would have taken care of business against Arizona and lost to Oregon, he might have had a shot. With Manti Te’o and Collin Klein at the top of my list, there is no room for Barkley. If you ask me, Marquise Lee is the one who should be getting some attention when it comes to the Heisman.


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