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As we do every Monday, we open up the FanSided Radio mailbag. People ask questions, we give them the answers. You can ask questions by commenting on an article on, on the FanSided Radio Facebook Page, or via twitter @FanSided_Radio.


Brooks from San Diego writes: You wrote that you think Kobe Bryant needs Phil Jackson to win titles. Kobe almost led them to the Finals last year. I think the Lakers can do it without Phil.

I think the Lakers are capable of winning titles without Jackson too. I don’t think it matters if he coaches them throughout the rest of this season or not. The Lakers are old. With younger teams like the Clippers and Thunder in the Western Conference, I believe L.A. will be out hustled. Jackson might be a great mind, but he can’t execute on the floor. Bryant, Nash, and Howard are all star caliber talent, but I can’t see them winning it all in 2012. The Lakers need a youth movement, and new coaching direction.


Chris in Montgomery writes: Bama went down to A&M, any chance they can still play for a national title?

There is a chance, although it is a very remote chance. With Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame undefeated, it will take at least two of them losing to get Alabama to the BCS Title Game. Expect a Sugar Bowl for The Crimson Tide.


Ray in Wichita writes: St. Louis and San Fransisco played to a tie today. Should the NFL go to the same kind of overtime played in college football?

YES! I know that playing to a tie in the NFL is rare, but there has to be a better way to handle overtime situations. I prefer the NCAA way, with each team getting possessions with an opportunity to win. I usually does not take that much time, and there is always a winner. Imagine if Seattle has a great second half, and bests the 49ers by one win. That tie might cost Frisco home field in the playoffs. There is too much on the line in pro football, something needs to change.


Stan in Philly writes: The Eagles lost again. Can this season be turned around?

No. Andy Reid has done a horrible job this season. I understand the tragedy that occurred during training camp has had a major effect, but the longest tenured coach in the NFL has failed miserably in 2012. The offensive line is bad, the defense is bad, and the quarterbacks are bad. The Eagles have to clean house in the offseason.


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