Mar. 09, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Hawaii Warriors guard Jeremiah Ostrowski (11) dribbles the ball up the court against the New Mexico State Aggies during the first half of the WAC tournament semi finals at the Orleans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE.

Around the (Shot) Clock

It’s almost over. I can almost go back to my daily routine of sleeping eight hours a night. But, for one night, college basketball was king.

Watching Houston Baptist take on Hawaii may not have been as glorious of watching than other late night entertainment, but anytime college boys like me get to play in the wee hours of the night, there’s no way to turn away from the TV screen.

The prime time games are currently on meaning the world is almost back to being normal. People are going to be more prone to watch Duke on national prime time air than they will watch Stony Brook just before the sun rises.

That’s the beauty of college basketball, at least in the last three years. Fans get to pull off all-nighters, but not for studying. Meanwhile, recent alums get to feel like they’re in college again staying up late.

It takes a lot of Red Bull for this to happen, but for a team like Houston Baptist who wouldn’t see ESPN on any other given day,  get their shot to play in the moonlight. Hawaii were the ones who won by 13, and it wasn’t the prettiest of games.

If you found yourself staying up for the end, call yourself a die-hard mid-major college basketball fan. Your trophy will be in the mail.

Another team who got to see some good TV time that may not have in the past is Northern Illinois. Now, the MAC is not the brightest mid-major conference in the Midwest, but they’ll take any national credibility they can get when it is not football season. Unfortunately, the Huskies only scored 47 points yesterday, which they can use the early morning tip-off as an excuse, but they’ll be sorry to not see themselves on the big stage for awhile.

Last year, I got to experience the entire thing, and it was an interesting roller coaster ride. I had to avoid screaming in the middle of the night when the game got close. The main reason I stayed up: Northern Iowa was in the madness.

I’ll keep my eye on November 2013 for the next around-the-clock marathon, but for now, I’ll gladly go to bed tonight at a more civilized time.

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