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The mailbag is full of college footall questions and comments this week. Kansas State and Oregon’s losses have shaken up The BCS. Some are saying it’s more like BS. Wildcat and Oregon fans are angry, Bama and Notre Dame fans are euphoric. Anger, sadness, excitement, joy, and confusion are on the slate today.


Greg in Olathe writes: How can you say that Kansas State was a fraud. We have a great football team, quarterback, and coach. If Alabama can sneak their way back into the title game, why can’t we?

Kansas State was exposed as being a fraud. I laid out my argument well in Sunday’s article. You should be proud of having a solid football team, but it all comes down to winning. Ask Oklahoma State, their loss to Iowa State last year caused them to miss out on the party. If your Wildcats would have taken care of business on the field, they wouldn’t be on the outside looking in.


James in South Bend writes: All the haters can keep on hating. We are going to play for the national championship. They say we have a weak schedule, show me how Oregon or Kansas State has played a better one.

I agree, all three of those teams have played less than stellar opponents. I would like to caution you a bit, Notre Dame is not there yet. Look at what happened to the top two teams in the nation, they both went down to teams they were expected to beat. USC might be having a down year, but without a conference championship for them to play in, beating the Irish is the most satisfying thing they can do.


Chuck in Woodville, FL writes: Florida State should have a shot at the BCS Title. They are a one loss team and should get the same shot as Alabama. Why are the ‘Noles being overlooked?

I don’t think they are Chuck. The ‘Noles have to beat Florida this weekend to really break their way in. Notre Dame will have to go down to USC as well. You should also be careful what you wish for, I don’t know if FSU would really want a showdown with The Crimson Tide.


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