Two Iowa Wrestlers Arrested for On-Campus Rabbit Hunting

Two freshmen wrestlers made their first “freshman mistake,” and it wasn’t even on the mat.

Hunting season is in full force in the state of Iowa, just not on the University of Iowa campus.

Connor Ryan and Alex Meyer were arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of discharging toy guns and slingshots. They weren’t using these for pranks; they were out to hunt themselves some “Wabbits.” Elmer Fudd has declined comment on the matter.

The two were also written up for hunting without a license, and also for doing it after hours.

The two men have also have suspended by the university from the mat, and their return depends on how the Code of Conduct will translate the grappler’s  gaming offense.

Prior to their arrests, the two competed at the Joe Parisi Open. Meyer finished sixth at 174 pounds whereas Ryan did not place, finishing 3-2 at 141 pounds.


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