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As  I do every Monday, I answer questions sent by readers of FanSided Radio. This week, it’s a group of questions about NFL football.


Dustin in Oakland writes: Collin Kaepernick played well in his two starts for the 49ers. What happens to Alex Smith in the offseason if he is no longer the starter?

Kaepernick is doing a better job running the offense for San Fransisco. Alex Smith has always been more of a game manager than a game changer. Look for The 49ers to find a trade partner in the offseason. Kansas City, Jacksonville, The New York Jets, and several others will be in the market for a new quarterback. He is a safe pick at quarterback. He is solid, and is a smart player. He just won’t win you many games with a strong arm.


Ed in Philly asks: Norv Turner and Andy Reid are both on the hot seat. Should either of them keep their jobs?

Honestly, no. Reid has been at the helm of the Eagles for what seems like decades. Although he has produces numerous playoff teams, he has never given the city of Philadelphia a Lombardi Trophy. I think he is a great coach, but his stay in The City of Brotherly Love has to come to an end. There will be other teams out there who would love to hire him.

Norv Turner has never really put together a truly great season. He has skated by in a very weak division, and his teams always disappointed. Turner need to become an assistant coach somewhere. He has no business being the head coach of an NFL team.


Phil in Kansas City writes: Why are the Chiefs so bad?

To quote Forrest Gump. “Stupid is as stupid does.” Scott Peoli has hired the wrong guys to coach, and with picks like Donteri Poe, I don’t know if he is even sane anymore. Horrible organization top to bottom. Kansas City needs to be renovated.


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