Hoosier Huddle: Beat UNC Week Recap

Lesley Snyder and Brian Shepherd recap the Mens basketball and Soccer teams big wins over UNC.

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    Couple things. The girl seems to regurgitate easily accessible information. i.e. that gem stat of Dwayne Wade. Anyone that follows Tom Crean on twitter knew that little factoid. Do some homework and state your own facts and opinions, not the facts and opinions of others.

    I found the segment on Watfords play to be very baseless and premature. His FG% is down but he is still putting up solid numbers. Its fair to say that he played bad against UNC but overall his play has been fine. Also, his minutes are clearly down due to the fact that most of our games have been blowouts. He is basically tied for third in minutes played this year trailing Jordy and Cody and only by a small margin. Not sure where you came up with his play is bad and his minutes are down?

    RPI has absolutely nothing to do with your ranking or how good your team is for that matter. It’s based solely on the teams you played and the quality of said teams. Butler has a higher RPI cause their SOS is better not cause RPI ranks them to be better.