Monday Mail: Heisman Trophy and NFL Edition


It’s Monday, and as we always do, it’s time to open up the mailbag and answer questions sent in by our readers. This weeks questions are about Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman Trophy and The NFL.


Aaron in Waco writes: Johnny Football won the Heisman. You have been backing Te’o for weeks. Are you surprised that the Freshman won?

Not at all. Although I still believe that Manti Te’o is the best player in college football this year, Manziel had a great season and is deserving of the award. He took his team through a tough SEC conference and was able to upset then number one Alabama. He proved himself to be the best duel threat quarterback in the nation. I have been waiting for a Freshman to win the award for quite a while now, and Manziel came around at the right time. He could very easily win this award again before bolting for the NFL.


Phillip in Wichita asks: Collin Klein was a finalist for the Heisman. You said that he was not Heisman material. What do you have to say now?

Well, Phillip, the only thing I can say is that Collin Klein is not Heisman Material. I knew he would be invited, but also could see that he had no shot at winning. When your team comes up very short against a bad Baylor team, and Klein played poorly, whatever Heisman dreams he had vanished. He is a good football player, and has been a great representative for K State football, but a Heisman winner he is not.


Pedro in Baltimore asks: Robert Griffin III gave us a scare last night when he went down against the Ravens. Do you think he will be durable enough to have a long career in The NFL?

I hope so. RG3 is one of those players who people will watch, even if they are not fans of The Redskins. I was fortunate enough to see him in action during his college career and cannot stress enough how impressed I am with his skills. What worries me is how often he uses his legs to move the football. It is a dynamic that helps him keep defenses honest, but it also puts him in jeopardy of being injured at any time. It will be interesting to see how Mike Shanahan uses him for the rest of the season, and what his offense will evolve into moving forward.


Ray in San Diego writes: The NFL season is almost over. Who do you think has been the biggest surprises and disappointments in 2012?

Wow. This is  a tough one. When it comes to surprises, Seattle would have to come to mind first. They sign Matt Flynn to a big contract in the off season and drafted Russell Wilson from Wisconsin. I don’t know that anyone thought that Wilson would be starting for the Seahawks and having the success he has. The team still has a long way to go before they are real contenders for a Super Bowl, but the front office has made good decisions, and Pete Carroll has done a better job coaching professionals that his previous time in the NFL.

Another surprise has been Andrew Luck’s success in Indy. I knew he would eventually bring the Colts back from the bottom, but had no idea his impact would happen this quickly. A two win team from 2011 is a legit playoff caliber squad just a year later, and Luck is the reason. Peyton who?

Disappointments are a bit easier to gauge. I expected San Diego to at least compete for the AFC West crown. Norv Turner has run his course as coach of The Chargers. Expect him to vanish by seasons end. Another disappointment has been Cam Newton. Sophomore slumps are common in the NFL, but last years phenom has been a major disappointment. Philadelphia’s situation could be viewed as a downer, but I saw this coming. Andy Reid has done everything he ever will as the signal caller for the Eagles, and Michael Vick’s run as a starting quarterback in the league is over. Expect plenty of new faces in The City of Brotherly Love next season.


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