Shootings In Newtown

There are certain events that happen throughout our lives that never fade from memory. My earliest was watching The Challenger implode and fall to the sky. I was young, in kindergarten.

I knew that people had died, that the adults around me were crying. They explained what had happened. Astronauts had perished in a horrible accident. My teacher, Mrs. Scott, was our rock. She made sure we understood what happened, and consoled some of my classmates who had become emotional. It was the first time, even at that age, that I had understood how important our teachers were to us. They gave us knowledge, and the tools necessary to become functional members of society. They were the first to give a hug if the classroom hamster had passed, to help make things better when we scraped our knees. They were a lot like mom.

As a father, what happened today in Newtown, Connecticut is a bit tougher to swallow. Even at 33, I cannot begin to understand why? Why or how anyone could walk into a school full of innocent children and open fire. Twenty children were taken from us today. I have never met or known any of the families involved, but they feel like family.

How do you explain this to your children? I have asked myself this several times throughout the day. What would Mrs. Scott do right now? It all goes back to my kindergarten year. You explain what happened, talk to them about their fears, and hold them close.

I know this is a sports blog, but sometimes things happen in life that need to be addressed. Today, sports takes a back seat. Hug your children a little closer tonight. Tell your family and friends that you love them. Enjoy all of the little things in life that we usually take for granted. Be kinder to strangers, give what you can. Tomorrow morning the sun will come up, but as we learned today, we never know how many more we will be able to enjoy.

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