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Schechter's Lectures No.17: The Bounty Appeal

Welcome back. This week, we go back to the situation that, to a writer, is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does this situation not go away, the stupidity does not go away. Once again, we talk about the Bounty scandal, or “Bountygate”.

Take your seats, class is in session. Before we get started though, I wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Just horrible. If anyone ever wants to tweet me just to vent about the situation, please feel free @thejetpress. If you need to vent, follow me and ask for a follow back so you can send me a direct message. Now, on to the lecture.

First of all, I think that Paul Tagliabue has begun early onset since his retirement. He said that the players did it, but they shouldn’t be punished? What?!?!? I read the ruling, because I have that kind of time and interest. Here is the exact wording:

I conclude that Hargrove, Smith, and Vilma engaged in “conduct detrimental to the integrity of, and public confidence in, the game of professional football”; and I vacate all player discipline.

Is it me, or is this the most contradictory statement ever? They did it, but they shouldn’t be punished for it? Earth to Paul, either these guys did it and should be punished, or they didn’t do it. If they participated in “conduct detrimental” to the game, they should be punished. Period.

Secondly, have you heard the players since the ruling came down this week? How stupid are they? Jonathan Vilma talking about going ahead with his lawsuit against Roger Goodell. Players talking about how they have been “vindicated”. Even Drew Brees talking about the situation, questioning the mental health of the coaches that testified against the players. Earth to the players, you were vindicated of…NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! I mean, I realize none of you are off to run any Mensa meetings, but can you read? Judging by your reaction…YOU CAN’T

Earth to Vilma and company, Tagliabue found you guily of detrimental conduct. He said you did it. How are you vindicated if you did it? YOU ARE NOT. WAKE UP! And Vilma. Vilma has to be the dumbest guy of the group, and this is a guy that was drafted by my team, the New York Jets. I am pre-disposed to like this player, but……there are no words. Stupid is as stupid does. He is sueing Goodell for “slander”. Dude, if Tagliabue found you guilty of the conduct, GOODELL DIDN’T SLANDER YOU! You actually had to have not done something if you have been slandered. Like I said, book smarts is not a pre-requisite in the NFL.

And again, to all the players, READ THE RULING. Yes, Tagliabue vacated all of the penalties. But look closer players, Tagliabue also called you STUPID PUPPETS OF THE ORGANIZATION. Oh, he colored it with terms like, “the case was tainted by the Saints organization”, but we can boil this down quite simply. He said yes you did it, but you were just following orders. You shouldn’t be punished because you weren’t smart enough to think on your own. The coaches said it was OK, so you all just went along with it. You were not vindicated, Saints players, you were called out for how stupid you are.

School’s out. See you next week.

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