Hoosier Huddle: Indiana Falls To Butler

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All good things must come to an end, as did the Hoosiers bid for an undefeated season. Lesley Snyder and Brian Shepherd break down the IU loss to Butler on this edition of Hoosier Huddle.

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    Watford isn’t a selfish player. He just needs to find his groove. His first two years Crean had him playing the 4 and even 5 spot due to lack of better options. He developed a decent inside game during those years and he has gravitated away from what made him Christian. I fully understand that if he wants to be successful at the next level he would certainly play the 3 spot. However, his skills at the 3 spot never fully developed. Sure he can hit threes, but he isn’t particularly good off the dribble, Watford isn’t gonna take guys off the dribble to the basket. He doesn’t move without the ball very well, and spot up jump shot is less than stellar.His development was put on hold and that has really hurt his game. If you want to get old Watford then Crean will have to post him up more and have him flashing in the lane where he has had success in the past. Lets put the threes on hold and Wat will do just fine.

    Your comments on Yogi were a little uneducated on the game of basketball. Yogi is a pure point guard. This means his job is to create offense and scoring opportunities not to shoot the ball. So far the kid is averaging 5.1 assist per game, 3 boards, a steal, and shooting 82% from the line (second best on the team) This is what a PG does, shooting and scoring comes second. Yes, his FG percentage is lacking but on a good note, he doesn’t shoot the ball very often, why? Because he’s not supposed to..he’s our PG not a scoring guard. He is doing a great job and the shots that he does take will begin to fall soon enough.

    Finally, I thought I heard you say that Victor and Will aren’t scorers?? I hope I misunderstood what you said because Victor is one of the most prolific scorers in the NCAA. Kid has the quickest first step in college basketball and get score in a number of ways. He will be a lottery pick in next years draft, write that down. He is, I repeat, he is the best player on our team hands down. Will’s midrange game is second to nobody, that kid can score.