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NFL Power Rankings Week 16

If nothing else, we were entertained by the NFL action over the weekend. In some cases, teams entire seasons were on the line. Pittsburgh fell to Dallas, and put their postseason in chances in jeopardy. At the same time, The Cowboys stayed alive and kept pace with NFC East leading Washington. Atlanta destroyed the reigning Super Bowl Champion New York Giants 34-0. Houston rebounded from their embarrassing loss to New England last week, and won The AFC South in the process. Green Bay won their second consecutive NFC North crown with their eight point win over division rival Chicago,. San Fransisco was able to hold on after giving up 28 strait points to Tom Brady and The New England Patriots, escaping Foxborough with a 41-34 victory. The Seattle Seahawks scored 50 points for the second strait week, and now await The 49ers on Sunday Night Football. Minnesota took care of St. Louis, led by the swift feet of Adrian Peterson, who looks like a shoe in for NFL MVP. Without RG3, The Washington Redskins looked like a playoff team behind the best second string quarterback in the league in Kirk Cousins. Washington took the lead in the NFC East with a 38-21 win at Cleveland. Lets not forget about the Denver Broncos, who have quietly won their last 9 games. The Broncos offense picked apart one of the better defenses in the NFL, taking down Baltimore 34-17. Heading into week 16 of the NFL season, the best teams in the NFL are starting to play their best football. After breaking down the numbers and analyzing the past weekends games, it’s time to unveil The FanSided Radio NFL Power Rankings for Week 16.

NFL Power Rankings Week 16:                                                           Previous Ranking                         

1) San Fransisco 49ers (10-3-1)                                                                                     2

2) Denver Broncos (11-3)                                                                                                4

3) Houston Texans (12-2)                                                                                               5

4) Atlanta Falcons (12-2)                                                                                                4

5) Green Bay Packers (10-4)                                                                                          6

6) New England Patriots (10-4)                                                                                    1

7) Seattle Seahawks (9-5)                                                                                               9

8) Indianapolis Cotls (9-5)                                                                                             –

9) Washington Redskins (8-6)                                                                                      NR

10) Minnesota Vikings (8-6)                                                                                          NR

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