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Five NFL Coaches Who Should Be Unemployed

We all witnessed the embarrassing effort of the New York Jets on Monday night. Rex Ryan has done Mark Sanchez, The New York Jets, and Jets Nation a disservice by allowing Mark Sanchez to be the starting quarterback all season long. Rex Ryan has run his course in New York. It’s not that think he is a horrible coach. He is a great defensive mind. I believe a change the of scenery will do Rex a lot of good. Kansas City would be a good place for him. As long as he can keep them in the AFC West hunt, people will be more than happy with those results. The press is also much easier to deal with in Kansas City. Less pressure, less coverage, less insanity.


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The fact that Norv Turner has survived this long is proof that the Mayans might be right. I don’t know that a coach has ever had as much talent on a roster and failed to capitalize with results. Year after year, his teams have underachieved. He will make a great coordinator somewhere, but he has no qualities that a head coach in the NFL should possess. Just look at the 2012 version of The Chargers. They have a ton of talent. Phillip Rivers is a quarterback that could start on 80% of the teams in the league. Every team could use a TE like Antonio Gates. It’s time for San Diego to find new leadership.


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Jim Schwartz has a tough gig. When you play in the same division as Green Bay and Chicago, division titles can be hard to come by. His problem is that the talent on his Lions team is just as good as their division rivals, yet he has no results. With an offense that features Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford, 35 point scoring should be a standard. His defense is also loaded with superstars like Ndamukong Sue and Nick Fairley, it should be a unit capable of slowing down high octane offenses like Green Bay’s. Schwartz has underachieved, and should be looking for work.


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Andy Reid is going through the toughest year of his life. Before his season even started, he buried his son Garrett, who died of a drug overdose at the teams pre season facilities. While it is hard to imagine what that type of effect that type of tragedy can have on a person. However, Andy still had a job to do, and he has struggled to succeed. His Eagles are by far the worst team in division, and quarterback Michael Vick has not lived up to his first season as Philadelphia. Reid, the longest tenured coach in the NFL, will find work quickly if he so chooses, but his time in Philly is done.


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Romeo Crennel: Have you seen the Chiefs play this year? Crennel does not have much talent to work with on the field, but the depths of Kansas City’s problems have never been greater. The team often looks confused, out of place, and does not show any competitive fibers. General Manager Scott Peoli will probably join Crennel in the unemployment line. It will be tough for either of them to find jobs in the same capacities again.




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