Hoosier Huddle: Penn State Post Game

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Lesley Snyder and Brian Shepherd break down the Hoosiers win over Penn State Monday night. They also gloat over IU being the only team in the state with a current national championship (Sorry Irish Fans). Ok, they’re not sorry.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.snyder.3762 Chris Snyder

    Nice breakdown! I think the main key to this game was that IU played against Penn State. That is all and good day.

  • disqus_woTZbLQFSJ

    IU is ranked 33 in FT%. They are number one in the big ten in free throw shooting and out of ranked teams they are fifth. 74% is actually pretty good for a basketball team. Two guys that have helped us be a 74% team are, drum roll……… Yogi (82%) and Christian (89%)!!!! Two guys that you two routinely put down on your shows. You wasted 5 minutes of your show blasting the Hoosiers on a stat that they are actually pretty good at.

    Yes, Michigan is undefeated, something you might want to know since they are in the BIG and you are covering a team that is in the BIG. Also, Wyoming is undefeated, however, they aren’t ranked. Again, if you’re talking basketball those are a few facts you might want to get straight.

    Finally, instead of talking about how you and Jim Jackson are BFF, how about a break down of the upcoming game? Could you guys talk about how Cody is gonna match up with Mbakwe. Maybe a little bit about what kind of defensive scheme IU should run in order to slow down Andre Hollins and who we should put on him? I know my answers but I’m becoming concerned that you don’t understand the difference between man-to-man and zone defense.

  • Hoosier Huddle

    In the last 2 shows we highly applauded IU for the improvements they have made from the charity stripe. We recognized that fact on this week’s show, but our issue with FTs this week was in the 67% FT shooting against Penn State. Yes, as a team for the season we are shooting 74%, which is not terrible, but in the past 2 conference games we have only averaged 67%. FTs can often be the decision maker between a W and a L, this Big Ten season I think we will see plenty of games get down to that. I’d rather not see us shooting at 67% for those games.

    We also have not routinely blasted Christian and Yogi. We value both players but we do still hold some concerns with them. That is simply our opinion and we understand not everyone might agree with us. We actually did give Christian a lot of love on this week’s show and have said the same thing about Yogi. We are bigs fans of both players but at times see inconsistencies with each and things that can be worked on, ex: shot selection.

    We apologize for the UofM stumble on them being undefeated. We don’t always have all of the answers in front of us and often mistakes are made. We quickly corrected it just as quickly as we figured out the name of the Bryce Jordan Center. The USA Today Coaches Poll does have Wyoming at 25 and that is the stat ESPN showed on Monday night hence where the ranking came from. They were a few votes shy of being ranked in the AP.

  • Hoosier Huddle

    We are also a very new show and learning with each show we do. We value being entertaining while informative because plenty of shows already exist that are often dry and don’t provide the entertainment value as well. The Jimmy Jackson comment was quick and linked back to his comments on IU and UofM.

    We did not provide a full analysis of the Minnesota game in length but we did discuss it. There are often too many things to cover in such a short amount of time. We do understand the differences between zone and man-to-man defense and I don’t believe we incorrectly gave information about either.

    We appreciate you listening and as a new show we are always welcome to feedback from listeners and trying to accommodate what people would like to hear from us.