Jan 21, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) talks with point guard Steve Nash (10) against the Chicago Bulls during the second quarter at the United Center. The Bulls beat the Lakers 95-83. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Blame Kobe Bryant For Lakers Mess

When Dwight Howard and Steve Nash joined The Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason, Laker fans were excited for the return of “Showtime.” Many experts and analysts were sure LA would make another run for an NBA title. With a future hall of famer on point, one of the best big men in the game in Dwight Howard, and The Black Mamba, it was hard to argue the talent Los Angeles had.

As I pointed out in an article a few months back, what the Lakers did was add age to a line up that had to compete with young, explosive teams like The Clippers and Thunder. I also mentioned that when it came to the Lakers firing of Mike Brown, that Phil Jackson was not the answer. The team needs to move forward instead of looking to the past. Mike D’Antoni was the the answer either, but it was a coach that Kobe could live with. Kobe Bryant might as well just set up shop in Mitch Kupchak’s office and call the shots.

There is no denying the greatness that Kobe Bryant exemplifies on the court. His career stats speak for themselves. He also speaks for himself frequently, and his influence on the Lakers front office is quite possibly stronger than any player has ever had. Constantly having to tip toe around Kobe and his list of demands cannot be something that is easy to deal with. Many speculate that Kobe is the reason Shaquille O’Neal was shipped out, and he will also be the reason Dwight Howard will not play in LA next year.

An NBA superstar could be compared to a stud wide receiver in The NFL. One word comes to mind. DIVA. Kobe is both one of the greatest players and Diva’s in NBA history. His constant complaining and pointing fingers at others is a routine that has become stale, just like his shot at winning another NBA Championship. It might not be time for Kobe to retire, but it is time for the Lakers to start making their own decisions and look towards the teams success post Kobe Bryant. Maybe they can start with the lottery pick they will probably have in the next NBA Draft to do so.


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