The Schechter Slant: Volume 1

Tonight, we start a new column, the “Schechter Slant”. Like a slant pattern (pictured right), where the QB takes a three step drop, and turns to hit his receiver running a slant down the field, I am going to go though, quick hit style, topics from around the NFL, and give my take on them.

Ready! Green 88! Green 88! Hut hut!


There has been talk again this week about the merits of the cold weather, open-aired Super Bowl. Next year, the game will be held at MetLife stadium in NY, and has been cause for great debate. Joe Flacco even called it “retarded”, although he retracted the statement. First of all, complaining is not going to change anything, the game is happening whether you like it or not. Secondly, the chances of a major blizzard are so slim, it’s barely worth talking about.

If there is a little bit of snow, fine, this is the Northeast. We know how to remove snow. That’s football. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl MVP in the rain, you didn’t hear him bitching. One of the most famous games in the history of the sport was directly correlated to the weather, the “Ice Bowl”. It’s OK to have a title game in the weather, but not the Super Bowl? Come on, stop.


Did everyone hear this? During Super Bowl week, Randy Moss declared himself the best WR ever to play. He said, we have to look past the numbers and see the impact that the player made. Hmmm…OK. Looking past the numbers, we see a pain in the ass that tortured and drove nuts every team he played with, and eventually wore out his welcome with each one. We see a guy that was extremely gifted physically, that might have been the best if he made use of his gifts.

I think Jerry Rice has a lot to say about Moss’s assertion. Look at the numbers, and look beyond the numbers. Moss wasn’t even the best receiver in the last 20 or so years, he is far from the best receiver ever to play. As one of my writers likes to say, “Child, please”.


Brett Favre is back. No, not on the field again, but in the broadcast booth. He made his debut yesterday with the NFL Gameday Morning crew on NFL Network, leading up to the Super Bowl. Why?!?! He hasn’t seen his face on camera enough? Turn on a commercial! I refuse to wear Wrangler jeans, because I think of his hillbilly face every time I see the brand name! Now we have to listen to him analyze the game? I couldn’t even do it.

Maybe, in true Brett Favre form, he will retire, and make a comeback with ESPN.


On a lighter note, the NFL held it’s annual awards show on Saturday night, when they passed out MVP, Rookie of the Year, …etc. For the guys, it’s nice to see the NFL Network female hosts get all dressed up for the show. But the stars of the night are the players, and they showed up big time.

Some of them actually were pretty funny. For anyone who didn’t watch, the exchange between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers was hysterical, and even Peyton Manning cracked a decent joke. It’s a fun night, highly recommended.

That’s it for this volume. We’ll run it again soon.

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