Schechter Slant Vol. 2: Jamarcus Russell Attempts Comeback

We are back for another week of the Slant. There isn’t a lot going on at this point in the offseason, but there are a couple of things of note, worth discussing.

Green 88! Green 88 Hut! Hut!


A couple of things have come up on this since we last talked, the first being good. There was a report this week that the NFL is working on contingency plans, should the weather become as crippling as it did this past week with Winter Storm Nemo.  If the weather is slated to be bad, plans are being made to delay the game or even play it one day early on the Saturday.  These changes obviously will come with their own sets o hazards, but kudos to the league for thinking ahead, even one year in advance.

Then, the ridiculous news came out.  Pro Football Talk had a report yesterday that they mayors of Secaucus and Carlstadt, NJ are threatening to withhold emergency services from the Super Bowl.  Reasons cited were the Giants and Jets lack of attention to the affect that their spending has on taxpayers.  The mayor of Carlstadt talked about having to lay off police officers while the teams “line their pockets”.

While these issues are likely valid ones, is that the answer? Should these mayors keep their own taxpayers, as well as tourists, un-safe because of their annoyance with these two teams? Is this the fifth grade? I won’t help you if you don’t help me! Come on now. These are the same mayors that will be thrilled to pieces for the economic boom that WILL come to their areas.

Provide your services and move on. Just stop.

JaMarcus Russell has a lot to do to make the NFL comeback that he desires.


Many people laughed, including myself, at the news that JaMarcus Russell is planning an NFL comeback. I did because the Jets were considering signing him, but that is for another discussion. He hasn’t played since 2009, and he threw for 3 TDs vs 11 INTs that season. But that being said, he is beginning his comeback, with quarterback guru……Jeff Garcia?


Garcia was a good player in his day, but that won’t fix all the problems. Garcia can make sure he is up to par with his quarterbacking skills, but here’s the problem: JaMarcus is over 300 pounds!  Per a report on his initial workout, Russell was winded by the time they finished going through passing drills.  Yes, it was their first workout, but still….unless his training team includes Richard Simmons, Jenny Craig, or a membership at Weight Watchers, I refuse to take his comeback seriously.


This is a bit older, but I didn’t discuss it last time, so I felt it time to talk about it now. Brett Favre is back. We thought we were finally rid of him, but sadly, we are not. Now he is back, joining the NFL Gameday crew on the NFL network, making his debut during the Super Bowl. Here is a question……….


Does anyone really want a guy that has made the saying “I like jeans that are tough”, talking football anymore? Is anyone not sick of this man? I doubt it. Brett, go back to your farm, or whatever it is that you do in Mississippi, and leave us alone.

Maybe he will retire, and then come back with ESPN. It certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone now, would it?

Touchdown! See you next time.

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