Thirsty Thursday: Brewery Spotlight – Sixpoint Brewery


This week is American Craft Beer Week.  It was created by the Brewers Association in 2006 as a national celebration.   They are trying to promote and bring focus to small breweries nationwide.  Last year there were almost 1,400 events throughout the country and this year will most likely top that.  With a busy work week, I haven’t made it to any events in my area but I have done my part to enjoy several craft brews.  In light of the Craft Beer Week I wanted to put the spotlight this week on a newer brewery with several great varieties – Sixpoint.


Sixpoint is a fairly young brewery, started in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY by classmates Andrew Bronstein and Shane Welch.  (Since it’s Fansided Radio Hip Hop Thursday…cue Jay Z/Biggie’s Brooklyn’s Finest, “Is Brooklyn in the House??”)  Their saying is “Beer is Culture.”  In essence that the human culture has had a long history of beer and it is part of our lives, going back 10,000 years to the first fermented beverages.


All of their beer is available in cans or on draught in bars.  Correct, no bottles.  Sixpoint has some great points in their FAQ section of their website for the canned arguments.  In the past canned beers have been lower quality varieties (i.e. Natty Light, Genesee…etc) so it has a bad connotation.  The cans block light, which is the main enemy of beer to “skunk” a brew.  With a high quality beer in a can, there is not an issue with poor tasting beer due to the aluminum can.


6 year round beers:

Resin – Double IPA and powerful at 9.1%

Brownstone – medium-bodied brown ale

Sweet Action – amber colored combo style.  Part pale ale and part cream ale

Righteous Ale – rye beer with dark amber color

Bengali Tiger – pours orange-ish. An IPA with a citrus taste

The Crisp – nice “crisp” golden pilsner


They also have seasonal and limited releases.  Now the Apollo Summer Wheat is hitting shelves.  Another variety to try is the 3Beans (Coffee, Cacao aka chocolate, and Romano beans) for a rich dark ale topping the scales at 10% ABV.


There is still time to celebrate American Craft Beer Week and look for a local event Friday.  If not, the overall theme is to take a look at the smaller guys.  This weekend put down the Miller Lite (Fire & Ice Sports this means you too) and try a microbrew.  If you are lucky enough to find a Sixpoint brew (if near NY), you can’t go wrong with any of their varieties mentioned above.  Cheers!



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