Brewery Spotlight: Goose Island Brewery


First, just a quick thank you to the LPGA ShopRite Classic for allowing myself and Fire & Ice Sports to cover the week’s events in our backyard.  It was a great week with beautiful weather although the wind and firm greens really challenged the golfers.


This week I am on another “research trip” to Chicago as I am dedicated to providing my fellow Fansided Radio Cave Dwellers with new beer products and information.  Now if I happen to work in a few rounds of golf with my friends at Bettinardi Golf, well that is just good planning on my part!


In light of my Chicago trip I wanted to spotlight a Chi-town brewery – Goose Island.  It was named after the only island on the Chicago River in Illinois.  If you have always wondered what beer was on tap with a large goose head tap handle, after today’s Thirsty Thursday you will be able to sleep easy knowing all about Goose Island Brewery!  In 2011 Goose Island Brewery was bought by giant Anheuser-Busch InBev.


Along with seasonals, here are some of their offerings:


312 Urban Wheat – light wheat beer with a citrus taste

Honkers Ale – amber color with sweet start and crisp bitter finish

India Pale Ale –  crisp hoppy (bitter) IPA

Nut Brown Ale – not overpowering or really roasty, medium bodied brown ale

Matilda – copper color and complex taste.  A Belgian Strong Pale Ale style

Pere Jacques – dark with caramel malt flavor.  A Dubbel style


If you happen to be in Chicago, you might find their Green Line Pale Ale.  It is only available in the city on draught.  They are embarking on an environmentally sustainable initiative with this beer.  The tap handle is made from reclaimed wood and only offering locally on tap reduces the packaging waste and transportation/refrigerating impact.  Goose Island is using this beer to study the environmental impacts from beer and its brewing to expand to their entire operation.  The beer itself is a light colored pale ale with a crisp bitter flavor.  Hopefully I can track this one down this week to give it a taste.


Next time you see some Goose Island in a store or the goose tap handle, give it a try and prepare to go HONKERS.  No need to thank me for a corny joke!


As always, follow me on Twitter (@mbeyel) for more beer updates and what’s on tap at the moment.  Check out the Facebook page as well.  There will be some beer merchandise giveaways (pint glasses…etc) as it gets more likes.  Cheers!


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