Oct 20, 2012; College Station, TX, USA; LSU Tigers running back Jeremy Hill (33) and cornerback Jalen Collins (32) celebrate against the Texas A

FanSided Radio Is Looking For College Football Bloggers


FanSided Radio is looking to expand our coverage of College Football, and you might be just what we are looking for. Do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to BCS conference football. Do you specialize in SEC football? Maybe you know all there is to know about Big XII football.

We want bloggers who know what they are talking about, and want to share their opinions with the thousands of readers/listeners that visit our site each month.

This is the perfect opportunity for an aspiring sports writer to get their feet wet while gaining experience that can be used on a resume. The job does not pay, but if you can prove to be trustworthy, put in solid work, and show a willingness to expand your role, possibilities of becoming an editor of another FanSided site are there.

We are looking for the following bloggers to add to our staff.

Big XII Blogger: If you know the Big XII inside and out, this would be the perfect position for you. It would require at least one 300 word blog per week.

Big Ten Blogger: The Big Ten is expanding, and we would like someone to give our readers/listeners insight into Big Ten news and opinions. At least one 300 word blog per week is required.

SEC Blogger: The SEC is king of college football, and we need someone to represent them. Again, we need at least one 3oo word blog per week is needed.

PAC 12 Blogger: We need someone to represent the West Side of college football. If you know your stuff and can dedicate the time for one 300 word blog per week, then you should join our team.

General NCAA Football Bloggers: We are also looking for those individuals who pay attention to all of college football. The ones who love to write about the big games, stories, and personalities should apply to write for us. This position will require at least two 5oo word blogs per week.


For all interested in joining our team, fill out an application here.  Make sure to put FanSidedRadio.com in the field that asks what site you are interested in writing for. Good luck! We hope to hear from you soon.

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