Thirsty Thursday: Support the Jersey Shore: Drink Flying Fish Forever Unloved Sandy Beer


Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore October 29th 2012 and caused catastrophic damage to NJ homes and businesses estimated at $35 billion.  Millions of people were impacted and there are still thousands slowly trying to rebuild or relocate.  It is safe to say there is no loved lost when talking about the Hurricane around here.  When NJ brewery Flying Fish made a beer to honor the shore and fundraise for charities, they came up with a fitting name for the tribute – Forever Unloved Sandy.  As you might catch, the Forever Unloved has been called FU Sandy, that is not a mistake at all!


Flying Fish is NJ’s largest brewery after their recent move, allowing four times the brewing capacity.  FU Sandy was initially released in December 2012 in 500 kegs, they raised over $45,000 for victims of the Hurricane.  The 750ml bottles are estimated to bring another $25,000.  Flying Fish is also selling hats, pint glasses, and t-shirts with the logo with proceeds going to the relief fund.


So what kind of beer flips the bird to the Hurricane?  The goal from Flying Fish was to embody the unique atmosphere of the Jersey Shore in a beer.  FU Sandy is a combination of an American White Wheat and Two Row Pale Malt.  A hybrid of sweeter and hoppy flavors leads to a crisp, balanced beer.  I was somewhat skeptical after reading about the mango and guava aroma, but it does give a unique and great flavor to the brew.  I can now say that after trying 3 bottles!  It was strictly research though, of course.


Grab a bottle of FU Sandy, enjoy the summer, and toast to enjoying the shore again!  You’ll have to consult your accountant about charitable deductions but either way you will support a great cause and beer.  Cheers!


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