Jun 27, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers in the 1st inning at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Onside Kick: Matt Garza Trade Talk/AFC West Preview/NFC West Preview

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, the Onside Kick looks at the possible pitchers that could be on the move in Chicago. First off, the Chicago Cubs have told Matt Garza that he will be traded and also told four teams to make their final bids. The guys talk about who will get Garza and what thi move can do for the Cubs.

Also, the guys talk about the possible move that the Chicago White Sox can move with Jake Peavy. They talk about if the Sox will trade Peavy and about which team could land him.

The guys also continue previewing the NFL with their AFC West and NFC West previews. They discuss the Denver Broncos Super Bowl chances, what Alex Smith will do in Kansas City, who will be more successful between Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, and how many games the Arizona Cardinals will win this season.

Other topics include:

  • Johnny Manizel’s off the field issues
  • How some players deal with the media
  • SEC mini-Preview

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  • Raymond

    Frank Gore looks like he’s on his last legs and Kap’s career against Seattle is a 42-13 loss. No way SF can win both, Kap blew chunks against Seattle and his offense is worse. The only SF TD game in garbage time with under 2 minutes left in game

    • Tom Crawford

      Who are these two moronic wannabe’s? I could find a couple of big sports fans from the 6th grade and be just as entertained.

      • Ricky Widmer

        Thanks for the comment Tom.

        • ricdram

          I’m glad I stopped
          in ! Tom’s response was hilarious !

    • Ricky Widmer

      Yes, it is true that Kap’s sample size is smaller so its harder to judge who will win the Seattle/SF series. Personally, I think it will be a split with both teams winning on their home field. Thanks for the comment Raymond!

  • jimpassi

    i dont think kappernuckel will do as good as he did last year.however i dont think hes a pushover.he should win about 8 games.you could call it a second year slump because he dident play first year.
    russ i dont think will have second year slump he got better each n every game.
    i think he will get better again this year,it will slow down but better each year
    i think he will be as good as manning boys not to say one is any better than the other.i think we got a GEM shussss dont tell any one hahahahha

    • Ricky Widmer

      It will be interesting to see how Kap does. It was amazing what he was able to do in SF, but this season he will be without Crabtree until maybe Dec (still have nice pickup in Boldin).

      With Wilson, I agree. He looks like he will get better every single year. He has that underdog spirit in him from college. Plus by adding a WR weapon from my Vikings in Harvin, Seattle is doing what they need to in order to make him more successful.

      I’d be surprised if either Seattle and SF miss the playoffs though.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • skeletony

    These guys are morons. Flynn was surprisingly beaten out by a superstar no one saw coming. It’s not like he played and sucked. The only games he played in he played like a superstar himself and he was not benched because the hawks did not trust him. Carroll had an open competition and Wilson beat him out.

    Flynn is 4 times the QB that Carson Palmer was. And what kind of moron honestly believes that Russel Wilson will have a “sophomore slump”.?! Seahawks have more talent all around than ‘Frisco. 49ers do not have Crabtree (not that he is a major star anyway) and will be relying on an elderly Anquan Boldin, an elderly Frank Gore, elderly players all around except for Kaepernick and a couple others. Hawks have the best WRs, Marshawn Lynch and a better defense.

    There is almost no point you guys got right.