Thirsty Thursday: Growlers: Bring The Party Back To Your Place


I may have overstepped on the title.  I can’t guarantee just from bringing a growler home it will lead to a party.  However it does mean some tasty, fresh beer in your fridge.  Growlers are not new as they date back over 100 years, but as the technology has improved and the selection, they are becoming more popular.  With the craft beer movement and microbreweries and brewpubs opening in your backyard, growlers allow another option to enjoy the beer at home.



Growlers come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular is a half-gallon.  This will give you roughly 4 pints of beer.  If stored in the fridge and still sealed, it can keep for up to 2 weeks.  Once the growler is opened, to enjoy the quality it should be finished in a few days.  Depending on the place, you can pay $3 and up for the actual growler or deposit and around $10-15 for a fill.  The more intricate and collectible growlers are obviously more.



Microbreweries and brewpubs offering growler fills sometimes have beers on draft that are never bottled/canned and might be a unique one-off experiment.  Take for example Russian River’s Pliny the Younger Triple IPA.  It is not bottled so it is only available on draft locally.  Many flock to the brewery to also bring home a growler and savor 4 more pints of the highly sought after beer.  Some liquor stores, depending on the state and store specific license, are able to offer growler fills too.  Now as a caveat to this, these are just kegs hooked up to their filling system so you won’t find the unique brews and it’s not guaranteed to be the freshed.  But you can get the draft beer flavor to take home.



As growlers have become a popular option for beer lovers, there are numerous accessories now available.  You can find anything from a large koozie to what is in essence a car seat for your “baby” so it doesn’t tip over when driving home.  It is probably frowned upon to use an actual child car seat to secure your growler for transport.



Next time you go out for a beer at the local brewpub or microbrew tour, if something catches your eye on draft, get a growler to go and enjoy more from the couch!  Cheers!



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