Thirsty Thursday: They Made THAT With Beer?

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Don’t worry; you don’t have to be 21 to read this article.  You might have seen novelty items containing bacon (toothpaste, mints…etc) however these are mostly that – novelties.  The products below are just as good as their non-alcoholic counterparts or better especially as a beer lover.  This brings a new definition to eating, drinking, and sleeping beer!  I’m sure there are others I have omitted, as new beer products are hitting shelves everyday, but here are some of my favorites and can be found at my place now:


Health Products:

Soap – there are numerous companies or breweries directly making soaps with beer. If you have a favorite brewery, check out there store to see if you can scrub with your favorite beer (i.e. Stone, DFH, Cigar City all have soaps).  Or a company with countless options is The Beer Soap Co.  They have a great deal for a 6 pack to get a few gifts for your beer lover or yourself.  After getting a picture together for the article I realized I almost have a 12 pack of beer soap.  Time to grab the rubber ducky and use some!


Shampoo – Although less options than beer soap, there are a few beer shampoos on the market.  Beer has amino acids that help moisturize and repair hair.  I use Duffy’s Brew ESB (Extra Special Bitter Ale).  Also missing from the picture is Atlantic Farms Hop Shampoo.  This is a hop-based shampoo, one of the main ingredients in beer.  This gives a different variation than Duffy’s and others since they are a finished beer style.  What better gift for a hop-head?  If you get thirsty in the shower, try to resist the urge for a swig, I’m sure it won’t meet expectations.


Lip Balm – Atlantic Farms also specializes in lip balms, offering 7 different variations of hoppy balm.  For those that love a nice IPA, this is a chip off the ol’ block with a good hoppy kick.


Why just limit yourself to drinking beer?  How about adding it to foods as well.  Beer Flats offers two types of crackers, Porter and Pilsner.  Just like the beers, the porter is darker and malty with the pilsner being sweeter and lighter.  Show your wine friends that you can class up a beer party with these crackers, cheese, and pair some beers!


For those wanting a sweet and salty treat, try some beer peanut brittle.  Buy some online, or if you feel adventurous, there are recipes online to make your own.  Beercandy also offers beer flavored chocolate treats – not sure if any more explanation is needed – beer (check) chocolate (check).


Who wants a fruity smelling scent in the man cave?  Instead opt for a candle made with beer, similar to the soaps.  Some breweries offer the candles in a pint glass so you can add to the collection once


If you are a beer lover, take some time to see what part of your life is missing beer.  And I don’t mean the morning commute or shower time consumption.  Who knows, you might have the next great product and head on Shark Tank.  If you strike it rich, feel free to send me some samples of the product.  Cheers!



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