FanSided Tonite To Return On FanSided Radio


FanSided Tonite with John Ackeren is making it’s return, this time right here on FanSided Radio. The show will air every Monday night at 9pm Eastern with John Ackeren hosting the festivities.

The show will cover the topics that are on the front burner in the worlds of sports, music, movies, beer, and more! The show will be more than interactive with viewers. In the comments section below the show you will be able to ask questions to the host as well as the guests, and we encourage you to take part.

Monday’s show will feature four guests from The FanSided Network. Tim Dillon, editor of and Phil Watson of will join me to talk about The Patriots, 49ers, and all of the NFL actin from this weekend. Then editor Andrew Kennedy will give us insight on Miami Heat basketball, as well as other NBA related topics. Josh Hill from will be joining me to talk movies. What should we be heading to the theater to watch, what should we wait for, and what flicks are on the horizon?

Make sure to join me and my guests Monday night at 9pm Eastern for the relaunch of FanSided Tonite.





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